Gloriosa lutea, Climbing-Lily, Yellow Flame Lily

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Gloriosa lutea


G. lutea is also known with the common names as "Climbing Lily", "Gloriosa Lily" or "Flame Lily". Natively it grows in the tropical parts of Africa and India. It is very suitable for potting and a truly spectacular houseplant with its beautiful blossoms and their exceptional shape and figure. As a perennial vine it is able to climb several meters up to eight feet per season. The foliage seems to be shaped lancet-like with bright green colour and glossy surface. Florescence of this flame lily happens during the summer months and the buds are growing completely directed to the floor. When they begin to bloom, the flashy lemon yellow petals are be throwing overhead and the stamens firstly head downward and then outward. There can be more than twelve lily-like blossoms on one single plant during just one growing period. These lily plants prefere warm and bright places and should get water continuously without having their roots standing in the water. During the summer months from June to September they also can be placed in a warm garden outside. Some fertilizer can be added from time to time but the plant can also be treated with long-lasting fertilizer. The soils could be pure humus or a mixture of soil ans sand or perlite or mulch. In the late autumn the plant gebins to throw down the leaves and the upper part of it dies meanwhile the nodules in the soil can be stored during winter in the dark at ten to fifteen degrees in dried soil. With the beginning of a new growing period in March the nodules can be placed warm and bright again. It helps to get them poured with an increasing amount of water with every time adding water to them. These plants are not eatable because of some toxic ingredients within the whole plant.

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