seeds of Red Cayenne Chili Peppers

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Red Cayenne Samen
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Cayenne Chilli Red, a member of the Capsicum annum species of peppers, derives its name from the corruption from the word, belonging to the Tupi speaking language groups in French Guyana. It was the Portuguese who were responsible for transporting this pepper from Guiana and introducing it to Asia where it achieved immense popularity. Cayenne Chilli is currently the most widely used pepper in both China and Indonesia. Cayenne Chilli is a bushy plant whose fruits hang from it rather than stand upright as one would expect. The thin, tapering fruits belonging to this plant range from 10 to 25cm and change from green to red once they are ripe. Cayenne Chilli has a mild aroma which might lead one to believe it that it tastes just as mild which it doesn’t. One should expect a fiery taste instead given the pepper can register up to 30,000 Scoville heat units. The hotness of Cayenne Chill is put to good use in the making of vinegar-based hot sauces as well as dressings and marinades. A Cayenne Chilli plant is capable of sprouting up to 40 pods if cultivated under good weather and soil conditions. The plants are ready for harvesting after 70 to 80 days after the fruits have ripened.
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