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Yellow 7-Pot Chili Pepper seeds


Yellow 7 pot, also known as Yellow 7 pod, is a member of the variety of peppers that belong to the Capsicum chinense species. This hot pepper has its origins in Trinidad but has become a staple in the cuisine in countries across Central and Southern America. The unique name is derived from the belief that it takes only one pod to sufficiently spice seven pots full of stew. The pods are 22 grams in weight which is far larger than most peppers which makes Yellow 7 pod one of the most productive plants in the market.

Maturation of the pods is signalled by a change of colour from green to the more recognisable yellow. Yellow 7 pod has a fruity pineapple flavour which is well ensconced within 800,000 Scoville heat units. An attribute that makes it a useful ingredient in the making of hot sauces and powders. One can also use them to heat up chutney and pickles to enliven the taste. Yellow 7 Pod should be kept out of the reach of children and handled with care given how hot it is. The plant takes between 70-90 days before it reaches maturity and begins to deliver fruit. The likelihood of a good yield will depend on the weather and soil conditions the plant is exposed to.


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