20 seeds of Pinus sibirica, Siberian pine ! RARE !

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Pinus siberica, Siberian pine seeds

Pinus siberica belongs to the family of the Pinaceae, the pine trees. This pine tree species is native to Siberia. Due to that is also known as Siberian yellow pine. In Siberia it occurs in big populations that cover big areas. Those populations are mostly monocultures what makes it quite attractive to parasites that can easily spread across such monocultures. But the Siberian yellow pine could deal with that fact. It occurs still in big numbers in nature.  Pinus siberica grows as a tree that can reach a height of about 40 m. To reach this height it can take the tree several centuries. The trunk can reach 1,5 m in diameter. The wood of the Siberian yellow pine is used to build furniture. The wood shall be good for the indoor climate and the health of the people that live with such furniture. Furthermore one believes that drinks and food that are stored in container made of wood of the Siberian yellow pine are longer good and healthier afterwards.
The leaves of Pinus siberica are needles that get 1 cm long. They are clustered in bunches of five needles. They are up to 12 years at the tree.
P. siberica is monoecious meaning that there are male and female flowers on one individual. The female ones are violet, the male ones yellow to violet. It can take 40 years until the Siberian yellow pine gets fruits for the first time. The flowers are pollinated by the wind whereat self pollination is possible. The adult cones get 9 cm long and 6 cm thick. There are rarely cones at the tree just all 3 to 4 years a tree bears many. The cones contain up to 150 seeds. The seed are not just eaten by squirrels. They can be eaten by humans, too and are really healthy. The seeds of the yellow pine contain many vitamins (like vitamin B1, B2, B3 and E) and also micro elements. Furthermore one can gain oil from the seeds. The oil shall strengthen the mental activity and prevent tiredness. In addition it stops hair loss and the fragility of finger nails. In former times the seeds of the Siberian yellow pine were really popular so that one had to worry about its natural populations.


Cultivation of Pinus siberica seeds:

The seeds of P. siberica need a pretreatment. First of all they should be slightly roughened and put 1 to 2 days in water before one plants them into the substrate. For a successful germination the seeds need a cold period. Therefore they should be put into the fridge at a temperature of about 4°C for 6 to 8 weeks. As an alternative they can be sown out directly in fall outside so that they experience a natural cold period. After the cold stratification the germination occurs after 6 to 8 weeks when the substrate is kept moist at a temperature of about 20°C.


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