Chili pepper seeds - Dorset Naga - one of world's hottest species

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Dorset naga belongs to the hottest chili peppers worldwide


Dorset naga belongs to the family of the Solanaceae, the nightshades. If one goes back in the family tree of Dorset naga, one will discover that Dorset naga is closely related to Naga morich a variety that originates from Capsicum chinense a bell pepper which is native to Peru. Naga morich is from North East India, a British guy that lived there brought Naga morich to Great Britain were Dorset naga was bred. While breeding Dorset naga from Naga morich it was very important for Joy and Michal Michaud that the new variety was especially hot. And they were successful. Dorset naga belongs to the hottest chili species in the whole world. It achieved a maximum value of 970.000 Scoville units and broke all records. Dorset naga varies strongly in height but is has a quite bushy habit. In tropical climate the Dorset naga is a perennial plant. The leaves of the plant are lanceolate and tapered. The leaves are dark green and look partly a little bit wrinkled. That is because the leaves grow very fast and need some time to get smooth again. The flowers of Dorset naga are small, hermaphrodite and actinomorphic. They are inconsiderable whitish. The flowers are clustered in fascicles consisting of 3 to 5 flowers. The fruits are also wrinkled. They change color while ripening from yellow to red. The seeds are also wrinkled at the edges.



The seeds of Dorset naga do not need any pretreatment. At a tropical temperature of about 25°C and constantly moist substrate germination occurs after about 3 weeks. Sometimes they germinate even faster. Dorset naga is not winter hardy. In the temperate zones it has to stay in the house over winter.

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