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Chilisamen 7 Pot Douglah


7 Pot Douglah ist also known as Trinidad 7 Pot. It is a variation of Capsicum Chinese and belongs to the hottest chili in the world. It is a quite rare variation. Its Scoville value is mostly between 1 Million and 1.5 Million. That is only 700.000 Scoville less than the Scoville value of the world champion.

The name 7 Pot Douglah comes from the fact that it is possible to flavor seven pots of food with just one fruit of the 7 Pot Douglah. This seems to be too less, but every pot will be very hot and spicy. The additional name Douglah is due to the fact that persons having parents from different origin are known as Douglah in Trinidad where this chili comes from. The fruits of the 7 Pot Douglah look really wrinkled one could suggest that they are already dried still hanging on the tree. The color of the fruit reaches from red to brown. The red variation is quite rare. The fruit is longish.

The fresh fruits have a smoky and hot aroma. If one dries the fruits it tastes more sweetish but be careful: It is still very hot! The fruits should be dried as a whole. Like this the skin of the fruit protects all the aromatic substances contained in the fruit. Cooking the 7 Pot Douglah should be only done while wearing gloves. If some of the fruit gets into the eye, it has to be cleaned immediately. The fruits should not get into the hands of children! For germination the 7 pot Douglah needs warm and moist substrate. The first seedlings can be sometimes seen after just one week.

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