Parakmeria yunnanensis seeds, Magnolia yunnanensis

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Parakmeria yunnanensis seeds


Parakmeria yunnanensis belongs to the family of the Magnoliaceae, the magnolia family. It is also known as Magnolia yunnanensis. The plant is native to Asia and China. P. yunnanensis grows as a tree. The trunk is slightly grayish. The leaves are elliptic and very glossy. The young leaves are slightly reddish. If one rubs the leaves of P. yunnanensis between the fingers it smells very good. Due to its extremely glossy leaves P. yunnanensis is a popular ornamental plant. In its native country it can be often seen beside roads. The flowers of P. yunnanensis are quite inconsiderable for a magnolia. It is quite small and whitish to creamy in color. It can take some time before the first flowers appear at the plant.



The seeds of Parakmeria yunnanensis need a cold period before they start to germinate. Therefore they should be put into the fridge at a temperature of about 4°C for some time. After that germination occurs at a temperature of about 25°C when the substrate is kept constantly moist. P. yunnanensis is one of the most winter hardy species in the magnolia family.

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