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viable Hoodia parviflora seeds

Hoodia parviflora is a leafless spiny succulent plant with medicinal properties. It grows naturally in South Afrika and Namibia and is related to the famous Hoodia gordonii.

The use of Hoodia has long been known by the indigenous people of Southern Africa, who infrequently use these plants for treating indigestion and small infections. But it is their centuries-old use of the meat of the plant to suppress appetite on long hunting trips in the Kalahari-Desert that has stimulated the most interest.

Growing from seeds:

Cactii need light to germinate. It is important to not cover the seeds completely but just sprinkle them onto the soil and press them gently onto it. Then keep warm and a constant little moisture which could be bestobtained by covering the pot with kitchen-foil but then seeds have to be ventilated once a day. Germination will start in about 3 weeks

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