seeds of Aralia racemosa, American Spikenard

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Aralia racemosa, also called the American spikenard, is an herbaceous plant species of the family Araliaceae. The plant’s synonyms include Aralia racemosa var. foliosa, Aralia racemosa f. foliosa and Aralia racemosa f. racemosa. Other common plant names include Indian root, petty morel, spice berry, and spignet. The native homes of Aralia racemosa are in Canada and the Eastern region of the United States. Aralia racemosa grows to a height of 60 to 250 cm. The plant has aromatic roots and a purple-coloured stem which has 4 to 5 compound leaves. The compound leaves can expand to reach a length of 50 to 83 cm and a width of 54 to 87 cm. The leaflets are thin, green, papery, and can reach a length of 7 to 20 cm long and a width of 4.5 to 14 cm long. Fruits have a diameter of 4mm. Aralia racemosa is a hermaphrodite. The plant’s young shoots are edible, and one can use them to make soups or add them to other dishes. The edibility extends to the roots which one can use to either make root beer or to spice various dishes due to their aromatic properties. The fruits are edible and a wholesome treat as well. Alternatively, one could make jelly out of the fruits. Aralia racemosa is well-known for its ornamental qualities. Consequently, one can count on seeing it in parks, private compounds, and gardens. Indigenous communities rely on the plant for several herbal remedies. Such a practice has been going on for centuries and continues today. The plant supposedly has diaphoretic, alterative, stimulating and anti-rheumatic properties. Aralia racemosa can comfortably grow under direct sunlight or in the shade. The plant also prefers deep, fertile, moist, and well-drained loam soils. An ideal location for the loam soils is next to a waterbody.
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