Leonurus japonicus seeds, oriental / chinese motherwort

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Leonurus japonicus
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Leonurus japonicus seeds, oriental / chinese motherwort


Leonurus japonicus are also known by common names such as oriental motherwort and Chinese motherwort. The plant is also referred to as Yi Mu Cao among the Chinese. Leonurus artemisia (Lour.), Leonurus heterophyllus Sweet, Leonurus sibiricus auct. pl. and Stachys artemisia Lour. It is very closely related to Leonurus sibiricus. Oriental motherwort is native to Asia and is rich in flowers. It is a perennial plant and belongs to the mint family. It is more of a shrub and grows upright to lesser heights of 70cm. The plant grows well in most places with adequate sunlight. The plant is well distributed in Africa, Europe, North and South America.

The flowers of the Leonurus japonicus are sessile and are produced in verticillasters. They are always pale purple or pink in colour. The flowers bloom between July and August. The calyx has broad triangular teeth like shape, is tubular-campanulated and of about 7mm in length. Oriental motherwort plant has white corolla and evergreen leaves. The pinky petals protect the buds from being damaged as well as support the flowers. The stem of this plant is often hollow with a smooth touch and green colour.

The flowers of oriental motherwort plant have scented nectar that attracts insects that ensure pollination. The plant has both the male and female organs and undergoes self-fertilisation.

Leonurus japonicus have for a long time been used for medicinal purposes. This is majorly in China and Europe and its use are increasing globally. For medical purposes, oriental motherwort plant is used to regulate menstruation and ensure increased circulation of blood in the body. In China, the plant is used to cure swelling/oedema and to ensure the formation of new tissues. Regulation of blood and reduction of risks of blood clotting are also some of the illness treated by the oriental motherwort remedy. The plant has also been used as a drug to lower tension and stress of a pregnant woman in their last stage of pregnancy and even after giving birth. The herb from the plant is said to be able to prevent miscarriage, as well as contributing to bringing the uterus to be normal after giving birth.

Oriental motherwort herb can result to contact dermatitis to sensitive people. It should, therefore, be used under the direction of a professional. Also, those having heavy bleeding should avoid using the herb. The plant has alkaloid that can accelerate birth thus; the pregnant women should only use it under the direction of a profession to ensure it does not affect the pregnancy. 

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