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Black Cherry Tomato seeds


Black Cherry (Solanum lycopersicum) is one of the rarest tomato varieties within its species. Synonyms include Lycopersicon cerasiforme and Lycopersicon humboldtii. This tomato variety is indigenous to the Crimean Peninsula located in Southern Ukraine. The existence of Black Cherry remained unknown until travelling soldiers discovered it in the 19th century. The seeds were afterward distributed to most of the countries that were part of the former Soviet Union where they are grown at present. The ripening of the fruit takes place in two stages. The first being the development of a brown colouring over the fruit surface with shoulders remaining green.

The shoulders will turn brown during the next stage, and the brown colour will darken. The fruit is sweet tasting with a smoky undercurrent. The fruit is sweetest and least acidic when it is at its ripest. Black cherry can be diced and used in salads or eaten as it is. One can also make use of it in pizza, sauces and salsa. The fruit also pairs well with an assortment of ingredients including mushrooms, vinaigrettes and eggplant. Black Cherry tomato plants are sturdy enough to carry the large clusters of fruit that sprout once the tree reaches maturity. It takes 75 days for the plant to mature. 


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