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Carolina Reaper Chili Pepper seeds


Carolina reaper is a hybrid developing from a crossing between the Bhut jolokia and the Red Habanero. Carolina reaper is also known as HP 22B, a name that is typically for a Hybrid.

Both parent species are known to be very hot. It is not astonishing that this crossing got an entry into the Guinness Book of world records in 2013 as the world's hottest chili. The Carolina reaper replaced the Trinidad Moruga scorpion as hottest chili in the world. The Trinidad Moruga scorpion is now on place 2. Caroline reaper reaches a Scoville value of 2,2 million and has thereby 200.000 Scoville more than the Trinidad Moruga scorpion.

In average the Scoville value is a little under 2,2 million. The fruits of Carolina reaper develop from actinomorphic white flowers. The fruits are red and look wrinkled and glandular. They get 6 cm long and 3 cm wide. It takes 4 months until the fruits are ripe. Carolina reaper reaches a height of 90 cm and can be easily cultivated in a pot. The extremely hot fruits should be eaten with care in very small amounts. Different people tell that they suffered 14 h after eating the fruits. One should wear gloves when handling the fruits and seeds. The fruits burn even the skin. The plant should be kept away from kids. The dishes that are used to serve the fruits of Caroline reaper should be cleaned very well. Caroline reaper germinates fast if the substrate is kept moist and the surrounding temperature is around 25°C.

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