Chili Hungarian Yellow Hot Wax pepper seeds

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Chili Hungarian Yellow Hot Wax


Originated in Hungary and known as `hot banana` or `hot wax` this chili has a middle-hot taste. The scientific name is Capsicum annuum. The pods are conical shaped and have pointed ends. They can grow up to a size of twenty centimeters and have a green color moving to a canarian yellow one and at least developing to a light red color. Their mild taste gets lost with maturation into yellow pods with a sweet and spicy taste.

With maturing to a red color the taste gets more and more hot with intensity between 3.000 and 4.000 Scoville. Because of their shape and color they look like bananas and with ongoing grade of maturation the surface of the pods get waxed. Maturation time of the pods from green to red color needs about seventy to eighty days. The plant can grow up to a size of seventy centimeters and produces lots of pods.

It can be kept in a barrel on some balcony or inside, but also outside planted into the garden. It should have some warm and sunny place but protected from wind and low temperatures. It is a half-hardy plant and should be kept inside during the winter months. In contrast to the chili with Mexican origin this kind of chili seems to be more resistant against cold temperatures. This chili is used as ingredient for salads but may also be an appetizer with oil or vinegar or grilled eaten with beef.

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