Big Jim Chili pepper seeds, Capsicum annum

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Big Jim pepper seeds


The Chili Big Jim is a variety of the well known species Capsicum annuum. The grower of this variety is Dr. Nakayama from the New Mexico State University. Due to that this Chili variety is also known as Numex Big Jim. All varieties that were bred at this university are marked with the prefix "Numex".

The Chili Big Jim has the longest fruits of all chili. With a length of 35 cm the Chili Big Jim is listed in the Guinness world record book as the biggest chili in the world. That record is still unbroken. Even the winning fruit in the Big Jim challenge had only 33 cm. One would not assume from the habit of the plant that has that big fruits. The Chili Big Jim gets only 1 m high and has a quite bushy habit with a thick trunk. The leaves are ovate with light green venation. The flowers are actinomorphic and white. They are clustered together what leads to the fruits hanging closely spaced at the tree. One plant can bear many fruits. The Chili big Jim is a quite profit yielding variety. In average the fruits get 20 cm long a 1 cm wide. They grow mostly straight but can be as well curved.

The fruits of Chili Big Jim are not especially hot. They reach just a maximum of 2500 Scoville. The unripe fruits are green, they get red while ripening. The cultivation of the Chili Big Jim that belongs to the family of the Solanaceae is quite simple. Before planting one should put the seeds into warm water, doing so one makes sure that the seeds germinate reliable. At a surrounding temperature of about 25°C the seeds will germinate within 1 week. After repotting the seedlings the first fruits can be harvested after about 80 days.

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