Rumex japonicus, japanese dock seeds

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Rumex japonicus seeds


Also known as japanese dock this plant belongs to the botanical knotweed family (Polygonaceae). It is originated in East Asia – China, Japan and Korea. The scientific name of this plant is Rumex japonicus. As a perennial herb it grows up to 100 centimeters with an above branched stem. The stem also appears grooved and stark. The leaves have slightly undulated margin and look like elongated blades or lanceolates. The small white flowers appear from May to June. As hermaphrodites they have both male and female organs in one blossom. They are followed by dark brown achenes which look shiny and broadly ovoid with a size of just 2.5 millimeters. They can be seen from June to July. The outer envelope of the fruit is organized by the primordial perigone of the flower. They become the saving envelope during the maturation of the fruit. For growing they need a moist and well-drained soil. Whether it can be light or sandy or they also can grow in a heavy grained soil. In Eastern medicine they are gladly used because of their antioxidant and antibacterial effects for Atopic Dermatitis. Even for other skin diseases they are often used concerning their anti-microorganic, anti-inflammatory or even anti-tumor agents, which suppress the T-helper cell-response and strengthen the immune response.

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