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Aji Dulce Amarillo Chilli Pepper seeds


Aji Dulce Amarillo is one the species of peppers that fall under the genus Capsicum. This sweet pepper goes by several names including Aji Cachucha, Ajicito, Sweet Chilli Pepper or its scientific name Capsicum chinense. Information regarding the origins of Aji Dulce Amarillo remains unclear. Nevertheless, Venezuela, which is the home of the original Aji Dulces, has a significant claim. Aji Dulce Amarillo is widely grown in South America as well as in the North-eastern region of the United States.

The Aji Dulce plant is compact in nature and grows up to 18 inches over a 90 day period at which point it bears fruit. Unripe pods are green in colour before ripening and adopting a bright red colour. Aji Dulce Amarillo is a key ingredient in most dishes given it lends a sweet and smoky flavour that isn’t accompanied by heat. The mildness of this pepper is what distinguishes it from the Habanero pepper which it mirrors both in aroma and flavour. The compact nature of the Aji Dulce plant means it can easily be grown in a pot. The consequent control over soil conditions also means that the yield can be raised significantly. A healthy Aji Dulce plant is capable of delivering up to 2.5 Kg in half a year. 


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