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Rosa moyesii
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Rosa moyesii, Mandarin Rose seeds


Rosa moyesii is a rose species with a geranium-red boom also known as Moyes Rose or Mandarin Rose, shrub rose or Moyesii Hybrids. The plant synonym is Rosa Geranium. Rosa moyesii is a species of flowering plants in the Rosaceae family and Rosa genus. The plant has its origin in Western China.

Rosa moyesii is a vigorous deciduous woody plant and can grow up to a height of 4m tall and 3m wide. It is highly branched with strong reddish or chocolate weeping stems. It has an attractive spreading habit forming a curve arch shape. The plant has abundant green leaves and the flowers are flat red or pink about 7cm with well-known yellowish stamens usually in the late spring. Flowering is very plentiful and bears attractive mass of flowers that can cover the lustrous greenish foliage which is fern like occurring in summer. It is then followed by fall and autumn whereby the crops shrink into rose-hips. Some of the plant varieties may flower once, while others repeat profusely. Rosa moyesii grows best in full sun with well drained and moist soil.

Rosa moyesii has both edible and medicinal uses. For instance, the plant fruits can be eaten raw or cooked in jams and pies. The plant’s fruit can also be dried to be ground into flour which may be used to make pancakes. The fruit also contains vitamin C and E which can be used as a health supplement. The plant is also rich in flavonoids as well as other bioactive compounds. Rosa moyesii is believed to contain important fatty acids which are rare in other fruits.

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