Ptychosperma macarthurii seeds, palmseeds

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Ptychosperma macarthurii, palmseeds

Ptychosperma macarthurii belongs to the family of the Araceae, the palms. The palm is native to Australia and New Guinea. P. macarthurii is a relatively small representative of the family of the Araceae. The palm gets only 6 to 9 m high. Due to that it grows mostly under higher trees. P. macarthurii has a very bushy habit. That is why it is a favored ornamental plant all over the world.
The trunk of P. macarthurii reaches only 7 cm in diameter. That gives it a fragile and bamboo like look. The trunk is grayish. Mostly several stems grow together in a cluster. Each stem has about 8 big pinnate leaves.
The pinnate leaves of P. macarthurii get about 2 m long. Each leaflet is about 30 cm long.
P. macarthurii is monoecious. It has female and male flowers that stand together in an inflorescence. The inflorescence gets 60 cm long. From the flowers develop brightly red, small fruits. They get 1 cm in diameter and include the small, brown seeds. The fruits are eaten by birds that distribute the seeds over larger distances.

The seeds of P. macarthurii should be put in warm water for 24h. After that they can be put into the substrate. At a tropical temperature of about 25°C and constantly moist substrate, germination occurs. Germination time can strongly vary. Sometimes it occurs after just 3 weeks, sometimes it can take much more time. P. macarthurii prefers sandy, clayey substrate. Due to the fact that P. macarthurii is a tropical plant it cannot stand low temperatures. Nevertheless it can be put outside during summer. P. macarthurii can be planted in a container.

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