Annona squamosa seeds

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Annona squamosa seeds



Annona squamosa is a flowering plantfrom the family Annonaceae genius Annonawithcommon English names such as custard apple, sweet sop and sugar apple. It is native to India but is widely distributed throughout the tropics and around the world.


It does well in harsh ecological zones. For instance, the plant tolerates tropical lowland climate, making it the most widely cultivated species. The custard apple grows slowly with a rounded spreading crown. Height is approximately 3-6 meters. Leaves scars are smooth and resemble plates; barks are slightly bitter, twigs turn brown when subjected to light.


Annona squamosa flowers are greenish-yellow, fragrant and with hairy stalks. Sepals, 16mm long hairy, the outer petals are thick with rounded tips. The inner part is a slightly light yellow and reddish spot at its thin. Seeds breeds typically; however, it is sown not deeper than 2cm, with temperatures ranging at 210c. A period of 2-4 weeks is required for germination, and seedlings are ready for transplanting after 6 months. Moisture is necessary during the dry growing season. Notably, this tree plant takes 3-4 years old to bear fruits, with an annual temperature of up to 410c and an expected annual rainfall of 700mm per annum. Once the tree matures, produce can reach several dozen.


Seeds are poisonous; they contain phytochemical called annonaceous acetogenins. Barks and leaves are mixed with Annona muricata leaves which act as sedative diffusion. Plant extracts have proven to act as anticancer though no scientific conclusion can back this claim.


Traditionally, leaves and fruits were infused to treat rheumatism as well as aid digestion. Oil acquired from the leaves is administered to head for treating sleeplessness. Young shoots are mixed with peppermint to relieve colds. Budding is applied at the beginning of each growing seasons, particularly when sap flows. Mode of orthodox is applied in the storage of seeds; this helps in keeping it dry and be viable for long. Spraying custard apple regularly with Bordeaux, phygo or fermate to prevent anthracnose disease.

The soil for this particular tree plant needs to be fertilised for better fruit production. However, A.asquamosa tolerates a different variety of soils.

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