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Aronia arbutifolia, also called the red chokeberry, is a shrub species that belongs to the family Rosaceae. Synonyms include Mespilus arbutifolia, Aronia densiflora, and Aronia nigra. Aronia arbutifolia has its origins in the Central and Eastern parts of the United States as well as Eastern Canada. The states in the USA that are a native home to the plant include Oklahoma, Ohio, Kentucky, and Texas. Aronia arbutifolia is a branching shrub that can grow to a height of 3 metres. The plant’s leaves are glossy, serrated and are dark green on the upper surface and greyish-green on the underside. The leaves are also alternate, obovate and have a length of 3.5 cm. Flowers are white and grow in clusters. Fruits grow in clusters as well and have a diameter of 6 mm. The plant’s fruits are edible and one can either eat them raw or cook them. Alternatively, one could dry the fruits and use them to make pemmican. The best time to eat the fruit is when it is fully ripe and has been developing around frosty conditions for a while. Aronia arbutifolia also proves useful when it comes to landscaping. Aronia arbutifolia is an ornamental plant that is notable for its beautiful foliage and flowers. One can heighten the ornamental effect by cultivating the plant in large numbers or borders. Additional factors that make the plant valuable are its fall foliage effects as well its suitability for naturalistic planting. Moreover, one can rely on Aronia arbutifolia to stabilize banks. The plant is capable of coping with atmospheric pollutants and, therefore, can be cultivated in urban areas. The plant can be propagated through softwood cuttings, seeds or suckering colonies. Aronia arbutifolia can tolerate cold weather to as low as -25 ˚C. Honey fungus is unable to affect the plant.
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