Cola acuminata seeds, Cola-Nut Rare !!

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Cola acuminata, Kolanuss Samen


Cola acuminata is native to Africa and is mainly common in the Congo. Cola nitida and Cola acuminata are the two species of about 125 species in the genus Cola that are the mostly cultivated ones. Cola accuminata grows as a tree and reaches a height of about 25 m. The leaves are longish ovate and mostly 20 cm long and 10 cm wide. They are dark green, glossy and leathery. The flowers are actinomorphic astral and reach 1,5 cm in diameter. The flowers are whitish, creamy and wonderfully dark red in center. They are clustered in inflorescences and look like little stars. The fruit is hard- shelled, and has a rough surface. The seeds inside are white or red in color. Cola acumiata is one of the two ingredients of "Coca Cola" and also eponymous for that cooling drink. Originally there was really Coca and Cola in "Coca Cola". Nowadays "Coca Cola" uses just synthetic compounds. Some brands still use the cola nut. Coca is not used at all any more as it is forbidden by the narcotics regulation. The cola nut was the part that brought the caffeine into the cult drink. Already the natives knew that Cola accuminata had an exhilarating effect. They chew the cola nut and were glad about the energy boost. The cola nut contains about 2 % caffeine. There is little risk to get addicted and one suggests that the consumption of cola nuts is less risky than the consumption of coffee. Coffee can cause a racing heart whereas the cola nut does not. The natives use the cola nut in some ceremonies. It is also a common present for guests in Africa.

The seeds of Cola accuminata should be put into warm water for a day before planting. After that treatment they can be planted into the substrate. For germination a high temperature of 30°C is necessary. At that temperature the seeds germinate after 3-4 weeks in the moist substrate.

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