seeds of Delonix regia, Royal Poinciana

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Delonix regia, also called the Royal Poinciana, is a plant species of the family Fabaceae. The plant’s synonyms include Delonix regia var. flavida, Delonix regia var. genuina and Poinciana regia. Other common names for the plant are flame tree and flamboyant. Delonix regia is native to the island of Madagascar. One can find the plant’s distribution mainly saturated in the world’s sub-tropical climates. Delonix regia has plenty of large brightly-coloured flowers at the end of its branches. The flowers are either orange-red or scarlet with white or yellow spots on one of their petals. Pods are slack and green when young before adopting a dark-brown colouration and becoming woody. Each pod has a length of 60 cm and a width of 5 cm. Leaves are bipinnate, feathery, bright green and have a length of 30 to 50 cm. Each compound has pairs of leaflets that number between 20 and 40. There’s no certification that the plant's pods are edible. Nevertheless, all signs point to a plausibly harmless and nutritious source of proteins, fats, and carbohydrates. Delonix regia is a rich source of gum which is a regular ingredient in food processing industries. The primary selling point for the tree, however, lies in its ornamental potential. The potential lies in its bright, beautiful blooms that greatly enliven the landscape. The tree’s name ‘flamboyant’ derives from the magnitude of its resplendence. One can count on finding the plant in parks and gardens around the world. Delonix regia also provides adequate shade to crops that need it. The tree has extensive roots which aid in binding the soil to prevent soil erosion. Moreover, the roots also contain nitrogen-fixing bacteria which enrich the soil. This phenomenon means the tree also has rehabilitative qualities. The tree’s leaves are a rich source of essential oil that has promising fungicidal abilities.
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