7 seeds of Dracaena loureiri, Thai Dracaena, Thai Dragon tree

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Seeds of Dracaena loureirii


Dracaena loureiri is a robust ornamental plant which plays a huge role in tropical gardens all over Thailand. The plant is also called Dragon Blood Tree, Thai Dracaena and Thai dragon tree. Its synonyms are Dracaena loureiroi and Dracaena cochinchinensis (Lour). The plant belongs to a family of Asparagaceae and genus Dracaena. The dragon species was discovered from Thailand and it’s known due to its extensive branching.

Dracaena loureiri is one of the enormous and shifted Dracaena class groups of plants that in their various shapes and sizes, assume a gigantic job in tropical gardens and resorts all over Thailand. The trunk is generally the thickest part of the tree, which partitions once mature into a few sub-trunks, with amazing spikey green crowns. Their appearance implies that the Jun-standard is a famous passageway or feature plant, which looks both incredible when normally planted or pruned inside containers. In the normal conditions, they can likewise do well inside halls or house. However, they tend to lean toward medium light dimensions. Dracaena varieties from Thailand are commonly found developing on limestone in rocky territories, forming solid trunk which later subdivides into a few tops conveying crowns of narrow, long leaves. It is extremely vigorous and simple to develop. It is also profoundly decorative and seen in numerous greenhouses all through Thailand. The plant requires full sun to grow well. It should not be mistaken for Cordyline indivisa and other comparable species.

Dracaena plant is a relative of the delightful Canary Island dragon tree Dracaena draco. It is an environmentally significant species discovered distinctly on limestone slopes and mountains that are regularly connected with Buddhist sanctuaries in Thailand. Dracaena is separated from the wild for use in cultivation in Thailand and is one of the most prevalent species because of its broad stretching. Dracaena species is thought by Thai individuals to carry karma to families that have them, thus their prevalence. Various populaces of the species are ensured by vicinity to sanctuaries or having been transplanted into their plant enclosures. There is no immediate proof yet of over-extraction, but manageability studies are required at populace level to guarantee the insurance of this excellent species.

For excellent results, the seeds are sown in the mineral-based feline litter or perlite (without germ) in plastic-pots. Greater seeds should be secured with the mineral soil; little seeds ought to stay superficially. At that point put the plastic pot in a ziplock pack - with a pot size of 6 cm, a ziplock sack of size 12 x 17 cm is prescribed. Fill in the ziplock pack as much faucet water with a couple of drops of widespread manure, so that after the assimilation of the substrate a couple of mm of water stay on the base.



Cultivation from seed:


Let seeds soak with water for about 6-12 hours, then plant about 0,5cm deep into moist soil and keep at a temperature of about 25°C. It takes about 3-4 weeks until germination starts.



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