Ephedra fragilis, Joint pipe, 50 seeds

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Ephedra fragilis seeds


Ephedra fragilis belongs to the family of the Ephedraceae. E. fragilis is native to South Europe and North Africa. It is also known as joint pine. The joint pine grows as a shrub and reaches a height of about 2m. The shrub gets woody the older the plant gets. The joint pine grows quite slow. E. fragilis grows well on rocky and sandy soil. The leaves of E. fragilis are strongly reduced and look like needles. Due to the very small leaves the plant lacks photosynthesis surface. The branches of E. fragilis are as well green and able to do photosynthesis. With those green branches E. fragilis can balance the lacking surface of the leaves. The branches look quite similar to those of the Equisetum family, the horsetails. The reduced leaves are an adaption to the dry habitats were E. fragilis grows. The joint pine is diecious meaning that there are male and female flowers on different individuals. One needs always two plants for reproduction. The flowers are inconsiderable greenish or yellowish. The fruits are red cones. The cones look like a berry and get 1 cm in diameter. The seeds are small and dark brown. The joint pint contains the alkaloid ephedrine. Ephedrine is able to strengthen the achievement potential. For that reason it is used as a drug for doping in sports. Of course this is forbidden. Ephedrine causes side effects like nervous unrests. The side effects can be different in different humans. Furthermore Ephedrine can cause interdependencies with other medicaments. In medicine Ephedrine is used against asthma.


Growing Ephedra seeds:

The seeds of E. fragilis should only be slightly pressed into the substrate. In addition they should only be slightly covered with substrate. The seeds need light to germinate. The container with the seeds should hence be placed sunny. At a temperature of about 20°C and constantly moist substrate germination occurs after 3 to 6 weeks. E. fragilis prefers sandy and permeable substrate at a sunny place. The plant is resistant to frost to a certain degree. If temperature goes extremely down it is better to put the plant into the house. E. fragilis also tolerates drought and temporary moisture.

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