seeds of Ipomoea purpurea - Dacapo light blue Morning Glory

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Ipomoea purpurea-Dacapo light blue Samen
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Ipomoea purpurea-Dacapo light blue is one of several cultivars of Ipomoea purpurea, a hybrid of the species Ipomoea nil. This cultivar’s synonyms include Convolvulus purpureus L., Ipomoea glandulifera and Ipomoea diversifolia. Like similar cultivars, Dacapo light blue has its origins in Mexico and Central America. One will find the cultivation of this herbaceous climbing vine distributed along the tropics. Dacapo light blue has trumpet-shaped flowers that have a purple-blue star at the centre. Right below the corolla is a well-developed calyx composed of pubescent sepals. The stem of the plant is hairy, and the stalk belonging to the inflorescence is 12 cm. The leaves are heart-shaped with a pointed apex. Dacapo light blue is hermaphrodite and therefore, produces both male and female flowers throughout the summer and into fall. The allure of its flowers and foliage is what makes Dacapo light blue the ideal ornamental plant. Most of the people who cultivate it do so with decorative intentions for their gardens and pillars. The beauty coupled with how the plant spreads out evenly as it grows makes it a popular covering for fences. The colourful flowers attract butterflies which only leads to more beauty. Dacapo light blue also possesses some medicinal properties, i.e. as an anthelmintic, laxative and diuretic. One should, however, consult a doctor before using this plant. Dacapo light blue thrives best in warm environments that have sunshine for long spells of time. It also helps if one strives to keep frost at a minimum given the plant isn’t very resistant to its effects. Dacapo light blue, however, despite its sensitivity, can grow in arid and temperate environments. The soils on which the plant grows should be fertile, be of agreeable pH and have sufficient levels of moisture. Dacapo light blue is an annual plant and thus, can only produce flowers during one summer.
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