seeds of Pachypodium geayii, Madagascar Palm

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Pachypodium geayii, also called Pachypodium geayi Costantin & Bois, is a plant species of the genus Pachypodium and the family Apocynaceae. Several locations in Madagascar provide serve as the native home of this plant species. These localities include Antananarivo, Ampanihy, Menarandra, Mahafaly, Betioky, and many others. Pachypodium geayii has a peculiar bottle shape and reaches a height of between 4 and 8 metres. The tree trunk is white up until it branches out and the colour turns grey. The leaves are dark green and can reach a length of up to 40 cm. Each leaf is shiny, thin and has a pink-coloured midrib. Flowers have a lobed corolla that’s white. Pachypodium geayii is one of the biggest plant species in Madagascar. Pachypodium geayii is an ornamental plant that finds value due to its beauty, size and unique shape. One can, therefore, expect to find it in parks and gardens. It should be stated, however, that one shouldn’t expect the ornamental effect to extend into the winter. Cold winter conditions lead to the dropping of leaf tufts leaving behind an unsightly skeleton. The condition doesn’t last though, given summer ushers in a new season for growth. The plant grows best in moderately loamy and slightly sandy soils that have a bit of grit in them. The soils should also be well-drained, moist and a have a pH that is conducive for plant growth. The pH of the soils should linger between neutral and slightly alkaline. While Pachypodium geayii can grow without much difficulty in arid conditions, it’s important that the soil is moist during the summer. The summer sunshine coupled with the moisture will ensure that the flowering process will be successful and the foliage will be lusher. Conversely, the plant can comfortably survive the winter without a single drop of water.
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