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Aji Amarillo Chilli Pepper seeds


Aji Amarillo, also known as, Amarillo Chilli, Aji Escabeche, Yellow pepper or Capsicum baccatum, is a domesticated member of the group of pepper species that fall under the genus Capsicum. The origins of this particular pepper species can be traced to the Andean region of South America, specifically Peru. Owing to its popularity in South America, Aji Amarillo is now grown throughout the continent as well as in the South Western region of USA. The Aji Amarillo species are characterised by cream or white coloured flowers that have a corolla that is either green or gold in colour.

Unripe pods are green in colour at first before turning orange when the ripening process is complete. Aji Amarillo pods can grow up to 5 inches in length. The peppers are a useful ingredient in most recipes as they contribute a fruity flavour that is accompanied by a spicy kick. The size of the peppers also renders them convenient stuffing and a good addition when grilling. Aji Amarillo peppers register between 30,000 and 50,000 on the Scoville Scale. Aji Amarillo plants can produce up to 40 peppers if grown under agreeable conditions. The growth and maturation of the plant take no less than 120 days before harvesting can be done. 

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